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Transcend Capital Partners is proud to announce our recent investment in Sleekflow, a leading omnichannel social platform founded in 2019. Our team believes the social commerce industry would be more popular than ever and Sleekflow would play a pivotal role in the emerging industry. 

Sleekflow provides businesses with an API for omnichannel messaging which aggregates customers' messages from different social media and texting applications. The company started by penetrating Hong Kong's social commerce market with the first-mover's advantage. It further expanded its business in Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK with its highly scalable technology and business model. 

Apart from providing an "all-in-one-inbox" for businesses to communicate with customers, the company also provides other services including channel and e-commerce integration, data analytics, and payment integration. By building its ecosystem, the company is envisioned to become a dominant international player in the rapidly growing social commerce market. The company has also attracted investors such as Tiger Global Partners (Tiger), AEF Greater Bay Area Fund (managed by Gobi Partners GBA) and Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF). 

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