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Transcend Capital Partners is proud to announce our recent investment in PrimeCare, a leading postpartum care company in China founded in 2016. Our team witnessed the impressive growth of PrimeCare into an industry leader and we are excited to join PrimeCare in its future development.


PrimeCare provides premium care to mothers in demand of high-quality services, offering a comprehensive one-stop service ranging from nursing to beauty. The company was able to tap into the underdeveloped Chinese postpartum care industry and capture growing demands with first-player advantage. Its unique asset-light model utilising under-occupied luxury hotels to offer nursing care secures a low-cost, high-end position for PrimeCare in the market.


The company also reimagined the traditional form of maternity hotels, and instead implemented a 24-hour one-to-one scientific nursing care to customize high-quality nursing services for customers. PrimeCare’s sticky customer base also backs PrimeCare with opportunities of cross-selling and horizontal expansion into e-commerce, toddler education, leisure market, and beauty. PrimeCare’s huge success adds to our fund’s track record of investing in fast-growth Asian startups. PrimeCare has attracted investments from Sun Hung Kai Finance, Shanghai Tangzhu Enterprise Management Consulting and Gaorong Capital, among others.

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