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Transcend Capital Partners is proud to announce our recent investment in Lynk, a market-leading platform that powers the knowledge economy.


In the rapidly changing world with data and information increasing exponentially, Lynk provides a groundbreaking Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) solution that democratises access to useful true knowledge. Lynk was able to tap into the multi-billion dollar industry to provide access to knowledge at scale while rewarding those who contribute it, generating the most value for all parties.


Through Lynk’s core offering, Lynk Answers, a proprietary AI-driven data engine recognizes, maps and organizes expertise specific to each customer’s needs. The platform also includes SaaS features that provide an alternative to email chains, like collaboration tools and auto-transcription for expert interviews so they can be organized, searched and referenced by a team. Such digitalisation allows for customers to access quality experts while saving 20-45% of their costs compared to traditional expert network incumbents.


With over 840,000 knowledge partners and 200+ clients with accounts across the globe, Lynk has seen a sticky customer base with steady revenue growth, attracting many customers to switch from using traditional consultancies in the market to purchasing all solutions from Lynk. We are beyond excited to work with Lynk to disrupt the huge untapped corporate market and continue to capture the growing demands in this sizable industry.

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