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Transcend Capital is excited to be an investor of LeapXpert. 


LeapXpert enables enterprises to embrace messaging applications and integrate them to their business-critical applications. LeapXpert’s Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP™) empowers companies to securely communicate from a central source to a customer on the messaging app of their choice. It resolves the business, compliance and regulatory challenges the rise of messaging applications’ use in business channels has created. LeapXpert currently have three of the ten top global banks as customers, with tens of thousands of users.


LeapXpert has changed the way that enterprises communicate. Always available, visible, auditable record of enterprise to client communications. Enterprises have a complete view of their customer interactions – reducing the likelihood of regulatory or governance infringements and fines. Always accessible business communication history, even if an employee leaves the company or a client deletes messages on their messaging apps. Always accessible messaging communication history. All messaging records are available for audit or other legal and compliance purposes.

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