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Transcend Capital Partners is excited to share our recent investment in BintanGO, a Jakarta-based marketing tech platform empowering brands and creators. The Seed Extension round is backed by Transcend Capital Partners, Contents Technologies, and existing investors Investible and eWTP Tech Innovation Fund, and it is a followup to BintanGO's $2.1-million Seed funding round in April 2022. The funding will be used to jumpstart BintanGO's live commerce offerings enabled on TikTok, as well as expand its live commerce capabilities to multiple platforms in Indonesia.


In Indonesia, or Asia Pacific in general, creators rely primarily on inconsistent brand deals and endorsements for their income, which leads to their income sources being unstable and fragmented and their need to turn to multiple platforms for exposure. While the local creator economy has flourished in the past years, the digital infrastructure to support them has lagged behind; coupled with the fact that micro creators (which contribute the largest proportion of creators in Indonesia) lack the know-how and experience to effectively manage and grow their personal brand. At the same time, brands find it difficult to engage with creators due to the fragmented nature of channels. This results in information mismatch and inefficiencies in the market. Within this gap, BintanGO saw an opportunity to create a platform that connects brands and creators and empowers them through various tech and management tools to improve the existing workflow.


Established in 2021, BintanGO is a marketing tech platform that connects brands with creators, offering tools to aid the full-cycle of running their business. From finding jobs and collaborating with brands, to evaluating performances through data analytics and getting payments on time, BintanGO offers various management and analytics tools to ensure all parties can focus on the tasks that truly matter.


Since its inception, BintanGO has gained large traction with more than 60,000 creators on its platform and has registered over 150 million in total reach and more than 15 million in total product clicks. Earlier this year, BintanGO piloted their Live Commerce offerings through TikTok and has shown great initial success. BintanGO is planning to expand their services with Live Commerce across multiple platforms in Indonesia and offer brands the opportunity to connect with consumers, boost sales and strengthen their brand presence through collaboration with content creators.


We are beyond excited to be working with BintanGO to empower and connect brands and creators.

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