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Transcend Capital Partners is beyond excited to announce our recent investment in Lirvana Labs, an AI-powered multimedia learning platform for kids that aims to empower early childhood learning with enhanced personalization and enriched interactions.


The financing was led by Transcend and joined by Transcend’s co-investment partner HKSAR Government’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF), existing investors Kapor Capital and Chingona Ventures, and others.


“As a team of investors who are also parents and learners, we are cognizant that early childhood is a critical developmental stage in an individual’s life, yet also acutely aware that a multitude of factors today interferes variously in our children’s acquisition of essential skills,” says Winnie Leung, a General Partner of Transcend. “On the one hand, the pandemic has steeply accelerated media use among a new generation of children. On the other hand, our current education system has yet to adequately prioritize the disparate ways in which children learn particularly in their formative years. It is with these challenges and opportunities in mind that we are incredibly excited to extend our support to Lirvana's exceptional cofounders and team.”


Lirvana’s app-based learning platform curates effective learning pathways tailored to every child, empowering children, teachers and parents with personalized instruction and purposeful screentime. The content on the app will be multimodal and individualized, promoting not only the development of math and reading skills, but also socio-emotional skills such as relationship skills, self-management skills and emotional regulation. Their proprietary AI and LLM engine powers all aspects of a child’s engagement with the app, informing how, when and what type of content is delivered to the child according to every micro interaction the child previously had with the app. An in-app AI-companion in the form of an animated character accompanies every child on their learning journey with guidance and encouragement, and a parent interface is available for parents and caregivers to track thire child’s activities and performance. Ultimately, with Lirvana, the goal is to make learning more fun, effortless and lifelong.


The app stealth launched in the App Store and Google Play mid last year and has been gearing up for its public launch. The funding for this round will be used to optimize the tech stack and AI model, as well as fuel the go-to-market of its public launch and hire some key talents.

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